What is there to tell about me? Lets see… I started in SL 15 years ago, when life here was much different than it is now.
I’ve owned a night club and a mall. I was a creator back in the prim days; I made skins and shapes, too. Once sculpts came out, I left creating to those that knew how to use 3rd party programs and became a consumer instead.

Likes and dislikes? I like uniqueness; in a world of so many clones, those that look different really stand apart. Over the years I have settled on realism in avatar sizes and shapes, so that makes me smaller than a great many others here.

The greatest updates in SL?The first was being about to teleport directly to where you wanted to go; before then, you had to fly or walk. The next was sculpts, which really made a huge improvement in the way things looked – but at a huge render cost, sadly. Mesh is by far the greatest update yet, giving even better appearance without the render cost of sculpts.

I can be easy to talk with. I am also a huge flirt and tease at times, so there is that! Since I’ve been in SL I’ve found that I am also a bit of an exhibitionist. I just find that rather exciting.

My avatar is a teenager, with all the decision-making wisdom that comes with that age.

Modeling I really enjoy (Since the photographers do all the work here), For those interested in modeling, patience is one of the biggest assets to have. It takes time to set up a shot.