Review Policy

Unlike most other blogs we don’t really want to review single pieces of clothing, but rather a shop, a brand or a collection. This will give our beloved readers a overview of what they can expect to find in a shop.

If you – whether you’re a creator, a designer or just a Tonic user – want us to review and introduce a shop on our blog, just get in touch with us. We are always looking for new, exciting shops to showcase.

I would hope you could supply me with a few of your items, in case I don’t already have some in my inventory. This, however, does not guarantee a positive review by any means.

Everything will be thoroughly tested on a Tonic body, and a Tonic head where applicable, including official Add-ons like the Bust Minimizer and the Booty-Control.

I use a large variety of animations, and I am also interested how the clothing works together with clothing from other brands, with hair and so on.

After reviewing, and before publishing, I will sit down with the creator to discuss my findings, conduct a little interview, talk about the shop, the creations etc. and give the creator a fair chance to express her- or himself.

I do not charge anything. I do not want to get a share of any additional income, sales or anything. All my reviews and interviews are completely free of charge; any potential donations, which are always welcome, are strictly voluntary and have NO effect on the outcome of my review.

I want my reviews and interviews to be fun, positive, helpful and entertaining, helping my readers to get to know a brand and the person behind and the creator a fair and genuine chance to introduce her- or himself and their creations.