When I first started SL I was exploring creative writing. I found it was so easy to let the writing flow with little effort here in SL. Over the years I would jump into different roleplay characters and scenarios to explore that spontaneous creativity. Along the way I have evolved my look to fit the various roles I’ve played, as well as to take advantage of the latest developments in SL. So my avi has become its own artistic expression.

A few years ago I discovered Tonic, and a few things struck me. It was so very user friendly. I found it easy to create a well-proportioned look. On top of that the body was constantly being evolved and upgraded. Mostly I was happy that I had found the look that felt most like me.

Many make the comment, “I love the Tonic body but it’s hard to find clothes for it”. Personally I think this is much less true now than it was a year ago. I only use Tonic Fine, and I’m constantly finding new things for it. So when I was given the opportunity to be a Tonic Blog model it was an easy “Yes!” for me.

It’s a joy to be part of the Tonic Blog. I am happy to do my part to inspire the Tonic nation!

Karina xoxoxo