Erwin; Hair – Tableau Vivant, Victor hair. Beard – The Fallen, light beard, chin goatee & moustache. Coat – Deadwool, Corto coat.

Erwin has been in Second Life since 2011, although it took him a few years to really start learning anything about it. Somewhere along the way he met Anna, and they became somewhat unlikely friends.

Like many men in SL, Erwin managed to get by for years without doing much to his avi. He’s only had a Mesh body (Slink Physique, if anyone’s actually interested) since June 2018. However he does actually own more than one set of clothes now, and he has several hairstyles too. Most of Erwin’s time inworld is spent dancing or taking photos.

As part of The Tonic Blog team, Erwin is responsible for running the website, writing and editing content, and dealing with technical issues. If something breaks on the site it may not be his fault, but it’s certainly his job to fix it. He is also the project’s photographer.