Hi! My name is Anna and I was born in November 2016, which probably means that my dad’s Valentines date went according to plan.

Luckily I found rather quickly a nice community with very helpful people, who prevented me from making many newbie mistakes like looking for Alphas in different colors or trying to repaint the walls in my apartment. It did not, however, prevent me from doing many other stupid things, and that became quite a habit.

 From the beginning there were always two things that I really liked: 

Dancing and clothing.

While the dancing was not too difficult to learn, clothing was a completely different matter. It took me a long time and much ignored advice to learn to see the differences between good and bad clothing, and it is still a steep learning curve.

My major problem in the beginning was the Mesh body I used. As I was part of this helpful community I learned fast that I would need a Mesh body, but was unaware of the big differences between them. The main problem with my first Mesh body was the fact that I am rather petite, and certain parts of my body appeared to look like Amazon gift packets rather than cute boobs.

But again, as we say in German ‘Luck is with the stupid ones’, I bumped into a manager at Danikas, Lacy Easterling, who took time to listen to me complaining about my unhappiness then finally told me that I was using the wrong kind of Mesh body. That was when I learned there were at least two different ones. Long story short, I got my Tonic Mesh body and was happy ever after. Well, nearly. Next came the hunt for appropriate clothes (or inappropriate clothes, if you ask my dad). Now, before you get the wrong idea, I am not the kind of girl that thinks showing her goods at random to everyone is something worth living for – but I still want to look cute, sexy and desirable; well, don’t we all?

And that is when I meet Kieli Foxtrot, owner of the KIELI brand and now one of my closest friends. She took it upon herself (probably with the help of plenty of red wine) to educate little dumb me on clothing in SL, something I am forever thankful to her for.

But all the time there was the problem of finding the right shops with the right clothes at the right price, something that annoyed me a lot and demanded action. And whoosh, just 18 months later here we are!

I first started compiling a list of shops I liked, with links to their marketplace stores and Inworld shops, and this list grew and grew and grew. I started sharing this list, started adding shops other Tonic users recommended, added links to Flickr, Twitter and any other kind of social media to really get a full picture.

Then I did something ‘stupid’ and showed my list to Fizz, our creator. 

She somehow liked the idea and we shared it in her group, with all the predictable consequences; yelling creators and designers asking why their shop isn’t on the list, happy Tonic users telling me how much the spreadsheet helped them, the lot.

But the more popular the spreadsheet became, the more unhappy I was with it: One could not see what kind of clothes the shops sell, no price range, no reviews, and it wasn’t really searchable. In fact a solution was needed.

I was fully aware that I could not do that on my own – I mean what am I supposed to know about MySQL and php when I am already too young for MySpace and pcp?

But there was a way out of my misery and his name was Erwin, a long-time friend as well as a native English speaker – well, near enough – and experienced blogger. After several hours of sweet-talking, and then virtual waterboarding him, he happily agreed to come on board. Wise decision!

Now we needed to define what we wanted to achieve, and we knew rather quickly that the name of our site should be TheTonicBlog and not JustAnotherTonicBlog.

The main reason to visit here, apart from my wittiness and sense of humor, will of course be our business directory – a shopping guide exclusively for Tonic users, as there is no other. Users will be able to search the directory for what they are looking for and get results with all the info they need, making shopping not only more efficient but also more enjoyable.

We will of course have a section where we introduce shops, creators and designers, with hard-hitting interviews where we make them give away their deepest secrets (well, with regard to their clothing anyway)

The usual New Releases section will be there too, and last but not least we will also showcase some non-Tonic related places, shops, clubs, sims and so on.

All in all I hope you enjoy your time here, you benefit from what you find, you like it and you want to come back. If you  have anything you would like to see featured here, or just want to tell us how much you like the page (or want to donate some L$!), please write to me at [email protected] or contact me by the form below.

Thank you for reading, and please enjoy.



P:S: Last but not least, I really want to use this moment to say thank you to some people who actually deserve much more than just some nice warm words, but I am always broke and I just love shopping too much so “Thank You” will have to do:

  • Thank you to Tina and Evelynn for helping me from my early beginning up to now
  • Thank you to Penny for your never-ending patience with me
  • Thank you to Jack and Johnny for being great friends I can trust and talk to
  • Thank you to Vixen for helping me love dancing even more
  • Thank you to Fizz for somehow surviving my excitement and enthusiasm and letting me take part
  • Thank you to Kieli for being a great friend and the first designer in SL to name a piece of clothing after me
  • Thank you to Dani and Kiis and the Danika brand for coming immediately to us offering your help and support
  • Thank you to Erwin for not only being on the end of my jokes about old people and lumberjacks, but also for being a great friend and part of this great adventure called
  • Thank you to Areia, my best friend, my rock, my soulmate, my teacher and the most beautiful girl in SL