Tonic components

.:[ RatzCatz ]:.
Alidia Loire

Beautifully designed Bento Mesh nails with a individual touch and a eye for details.

Come and discover our beautiful boots and elegant high heels.

SlackGirl Resident

Tonic Bento Mesh nails, shoes, boots and high heels.

Fizz Savira

My main design focus is on casual essentials that every woman wants in their closet. I’ve created separates for the mix-and-match lovers, as well as bikinis, sophisticated dresses, and lingerie to round out my offerings.

Zed Sensations
Sugarfairy2 Resident

In my imaginative mind’s eye and very being are wonderous emotions that explode into volatile experiences which become the revelation of my creations which in turn are shared with those that wear and appreciate them. My clients are my canvas. My imagination, emotions and experiences are my oil paints. My Skill to bring them to life is my paint brush.