News 16.03.2019

And here we are again with our weekly News – packed to the brims with interesting, exciting stuff you should not miss.

Tonic Bento Heads

This is a good time if you’re in the market for one of Tonic’s great Bento heads, as no less then three of them are currently on offer:

Beautiful Sierra is available at the eBento event with a nice 25% off.

And so is Elaine – 25 % off her as well at the eBento event.

But the hottest deal currently is Coco, the newest head in the Tonic family, with a massive 50 % off only at the Skin Fair.

Wow, what a interview, even with video!

Well, if a creator gets me in a gown, high heels and all the rest, that means something – but ALB DREAMS actually made me want to dress up. Why? We even teamed up with video artist Bobby Imari to make sure you understand. Read – and watch!!! – it here.

Animated Halter Top by Kieli

Yes, you read that right; this cute Halter Top is ANIMATED! You really need to see for yourself, so head over to Kieli’s lovely new store and check it out; one of her models is showcasing it for us there. Alternatively you can get it on MP. Don’t we all love a bit of attention? 😉 (And I know now how to make a GIF.)

Kieli SEXY Animated Halter Top

Interview: VRDz by Vixen

Wow, that was fun; exciting dance poles, awesome furniture and a very lovely and interesting creator to talk to, so check it out: Interview with Vixen.

‘Young Designers and Creators’

I think that all the new designers who decide to create awesome new clothes for us deserve a bit of special attention, so I want to introduce them as I find them. The first of hopefully many is Penny from P14, a young designer with some fresh ideas. Here are some examples of her work, so check out her MP and give her creations a try. I think she deserves our attention. Her demos are available here.

Perfect companion, bf/gf – a PlayBot

As some of you might know we not only run but also do marketing consultancy – and this week we came across something rather unusual: PlayBots, those are real Avatars, not Bots in the classic sense. And they are HUD controlled by you!

You want to have a look or even a ‘test drive’? They are currently on display and for you to try, come and meet them only in our office.

  • Take anywhere on the grid – TP works.
  • They sit on any poseball, animation, sit, bed, rug, chair etc.
  • Activities are not monitored. 😉

Try, have fun, and let us know what you think!

And here is everything you want to know, from the creator himself:

PlayBots explained.

Tonic News, Offers, Releases

Our friend Carmella from RUBY Skins has released new skins for us Tonics. Here is Judith; she is tanned, with tan lines, a sprinkling of freckles on her nose and some faint acne scars on her cheeks.

And here is Esther, a mature red-haired lady with a sprinkling of freckles all over her body.

Both skins are available InWorld.

And just when you think it can’t get any better here comes RUBY skins with two new releases, Rhoda and Rachel – totally for free; not even a group membership is required. (But I am sure she would appreciate that 😉 )

A group gift. For St. Patricks Day. So far, so usual, BUT: These are pasties from HEC with its own ‘Rip-Off‘ feature – and not only that, read on:

• 2 versions (regular HEC, HEC RO enabled)
• Interactive Rip Off (HEC RO version)
• User defined emoting (HEC RO version)
• Auto genitals (HEC RO version)
• Access control (HEC RO version)
• HUD Driven• Left/Right & Inner band Hideable
• 9 Changeable parts/groups (ALL-L-R, INNER-L-R, OUTER-L-R)
• 4 Inner band colors (yellow, lime, green, black)
• Multiple Sheer Levels (mix & match: high, semi, low, opaque)
• Multiple Glow Levels (mix & match)
• Full-bright On/Off (mix & match)• Show/Hide (ALL-L-R, INNER-L-R)
• Materials Enabled (full use of Advanced Lighting Model)
• Highly Detailed Textures (best with ALM on)
• 100% Mesh/Fitmesh I think you should hop over to the HEC store, join the group and get this awesome gift. ( I let you in on a little secret: A interview with Hectic1, the creator behind HEC is in the works )

Our friend Violet from Pink Dreams opened her InWorld store and has all her items on sale for only 150L$ for a limited time only . go check it out!

Summer Jam with Mr. Wobbit!

We here at think it sounds great, so this is what Mr. Wobbit himself has to say:

The Virtual Summer Jam will happen for the first time in Second Life. And it will happen from 22nd to 24th of March.
March? A Summer event in March?
Yes – in Second Life it’s always summer! And the real Summer Jam happens every year in August in a small town in Germany. Actually it’s more a private party with lots of friends from Second Life. I rebuilt the original venue in Second Life and invited some musicians. They told me to come along so it can happen.
And this is how it works:
There will be a stage where every musician who feels like is invited to climb and play over the stream I set. To get the stream data the musicians just have to ask me.
But that’s just the stream. Besides there’s a party happening around the clock. Everybody is invited to come along and listen to the stream, but if you want to be part of the party you must join my channel in Discord. To do that, just send me a message on Facebook (Wolem Wobbit) and I will send you an invitation link.
The benefit will be, if it works like I hope it will, that you will be able to chat with text and voice with all the people on the party. And more there might be some music besides the stage, a real jamming around. This will happen just over the voice chat, so everybody could hear it if so wanted.
This is a quite new format, so this first time it is just an experiment. You can make it to something that can happen more often, so, come along and be a part!
The musicians so far:
Boo Dozer, Mar Biddle, Al Hofmann, Oldwolf Criss, Mark Taylor, Aminius Writer, Mike Carnell, Mr. Wobbit, and perhaps a few more, who knows…

E-mail and contact form problems

For some reason our e-mails and our contact forms have problems; our webhoster knows about it and is working to resolve it. Please, contact us InWorld for the time being. If you have contacted us by e-mail and/or contact form, your message is probably lost; sorry, we do apologize.

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