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I am sure most of you have this one, very special friend too: She is loving, caring, always positive and available to help, creative – and also a bit wild and (in a good way) crazy. But, just after you invited her to dinner with your parents, you start to think “What have I just done?””Followed by “Oh sod it, they’ll love her too soon enough.”

Well, let me introduce my friend Vixen and her VRDz brand.

As some of you might know dancing is my great passion, so it was only a matter of time until I came across one of her creations – in my case, a dance pole. Yep, a dance pole. One of those black sticks, starting at the bottom and ending at the end, with some dances in it that make me spin around (and make my feet look like I broke both ankles). Well, that’s what a normal dance pole is like, anyway. This dance pole was somehow very, very different: My high-heeled feet were not buried a few inches in the ground, but just where they belong. I did not only have the option of swirling around the pole ‘fast’ and ‘slow’ as on most other poles that ‘only’ cost at least three times as much; instead I had a incredible choice of pole dances, burlesque dances and on-the-floor-dances, all in magnificent quality and with endless options to personalise just about everything I could ask for. Of course I had to get in touch with the creator, and over time we became great friends. I also became a big supporter of her works, and still today I am first in line to buy her newest pole. There’s no more need for me to test it; I know it will blow me out of the water anyway. Laser effects, particle effects, multiple dancers – you name it it’s there. VRDz Showroom.

But poles are not where Vixens creativity ends; far from it! I also have to mention her furniture, most of which has a kinky side to it, so I had to call in the cavalry in the form of Areia, my best friend, who knows a thing or nineteen about that. I was very curious what her verdict would be after ‘test driving’ some of Vixen’s beds, sofas, chairs and so on. but I wasn’t surprised when she awarded everything an easy ten points. Ease of use, quality and choice of animations and personalisation are always winners. And endless choices when it comes to designs, from romantic to futuristic, from kinky to naughty? It’s all there. The big surprise for Areia was when she finally looked at the prices – she had guessed they would be easily three to five times as high.

The Tonic Blog: Hello Vixen, and thank you so much for taking some time to talk to us here at thetonicblog.com. What amazes me the most about your creations, no matter if dance pole, a palm tree, a bed or a sofa, is the ‘craziness’ in the most positive sense of the word. There always is stuff that leaves me speechless and amazed, so logical question: where do you find your inspirations, your ideas?

Vixen: I want my toys to be fun, functional and surprising! For most of my toys I draw from my time as a successful club owner, and before that as a dancer. By keeping the end use in mind, then building efficiently and with quality, I am able to offer toys that people enjoy having in their space. However, every now and then I get the urge to push the boundaries of what is possible, and create something completely unreasonable but totally amazing. These magic toys are just me enjoying myself and learning here in SL. You can find these toys by searching for the key word “magic” in my shop.

The Tonic Blog: What everybody realizes quickly about your products is the quality. I have never seen a bad dance or animation anywhere; that seems to be pretty important to you?

Vixen: I’m kinda obsessed with providing the highest quality possible. It’s really important to me that my customers are happy and more than satisfied. I focus on finding the most realistic and up-to-date animations from legitimate makers, matching the animations with beautiful and efficient mesh objects, then putting my heart into the craftsmanship and attention to detail. Last and absolutely most important is listening to my customers and responding to their requests. If I fix a menu, add or remove an animation, adjust a pose, or change a color pretty much any time I’m asked, my toy gets better with every satisfied customer.

The Tonic Blog: Your creativity and eye for quality must be the reason why some of the biggest clubs asked you to create certain things for them. Do you enjoy custom work, and what you like to work on best?

Vixen: Custom projects can be the most fantastic muse and the most complex challenge at the same time. I love when my customers tell me what they want, especially if they have really put some thought into it. Taking on a project for a prominent club always leads to the creation of something fantastic due to the high level engagement of the customer. However, the investment of time and resources can be prohibitive; as such I choose these projects carefully and only take on one at a time.

The Tonic Blog: The first product I ever found from you was a dance pole, and I am probably one of your biggest fan when it comes to poles. What is it you want to provide your customers with when it comes to dance poles?

Vixen: The best dance pole in SL! But more than that, something that is fun and easy to use. Having spent more than my fair share of time on dance poles in and out of clubs I know that it’s important to keep the dancers amused as well as the audience.

The Tonic Blog: The last of your creations that left me and everybody else who’s seen it speechless was the Magic Oasis; please, from a creators point of view, tell us what it is, what we can expect from it and what we should look for when using it?

Vixen: Honestly, I made the Oasis for me. I just had fun making art, learning, and pushing the limits of what I can do. It’s a scene rez engine, you can use the magic menu to change the whole scene with the click of a few buttons. So one minute you’re in a beautiful wooded hot spring, next a psychedelic forest, and then hosting a party in an aquarium.

Q: Last question and of course I have to ask this; what can we look forward to? What is in the pipeline? And do you promise to let us here at TheTonicBlog.com know about so we can announce it?

Vixen: I’ve been working on a club sofa that takes everything I have learned from my magic projects to create an incredibly fun and dynamic play space. And sure, maybe we can do something fun!

And just when you think you’ve seen it all, Vixen comes around and leaves you speechless with her Multi-Scene toys. The last addition is her incredible Magic Lover Oasis a Roleplay Engine with six incredible role play scenes, eight multi sitter toy engines and over 1,787 of the highest quality MoCap and Bento animations, you need to see it to believe it. Get yourself a Uber and have a look at Vixens showroom.

Well, I hope you enjoyed your read, we certainly had a lot of fun preparing this for you. And as always, please let us know what you think. Have fun and I leave you with some more impressions of Vixens incredible work.

PS: A big Thank You to Andri ( AndriRising Resident) for helping us modelling.

2 thoughts on “VRDz by Vixen

  • 14. March 2019 at 16:24

    Great article – thanks for promoting one of SL’s true creative geniuses and woman behind too much of the fun I’ve had in SL!

  • 15. March 2019 at 15:42

    I enjoyed modelling on these awesome beds, chairs, pole, etc.! I am into top quality stuff and this is all top quality stuff.


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