News 08.03.2019

From time to time we want to bring you some news, from our friend the creators and designers as well as from ourselves.

With the addition of the new categories Tonic Footwear, Tonic Skins and Shapes and Tonic components we will bring our Shop Directory another step closer to our goal of providing a full one stop source, just some more work but we love working, right Erwin?

For some of our group members it paid off big style to be part of our community as our friend Vixen from VRDz provided us very generously with some of her incredible Magic Lovers Oasis for a Give Away, congratulations to the lucky winners, may you have endless fun.

Fizz Savira started a very exciting Tonic Designers Contest and we are really looking forward to see what the results will be. There is still time if you fancy taking part, everything you need you can get in the Tonic Main store.

And Fizz kept herself pretty busy too and released just yesterday her newest Tonic Bento Head ‘Coco’. It is currently only available at the Skin Fair but with a massive 50% discount. A demo is available at the Tonic Main Store. Yours truly managed to get in and is a very happy girl now. 😉

But the busiest of us all was probably our friend Kieli, famous not only for her lovely clothes but also the first designer brave enough to sit down with me for a interview. Not only did she remodel her whole shop which is now a very open shop full of light and a fun to go shopping in but also she released really a lot of new designs, a must to check out for every young and young at heart female.

Busy as usual was also our friend Chalice from Graffitiwear, also one of the brave people who went along with a interview. Her shop is always well worth a visit, not only for her awesome new releases but the sales, the games and the group gifts too. Say Hi from us here at when you bump into her please.

And also Igrainne has a very special offer for us Tonics in her Powdermoon Store, a complete, cute outfit on offer for just 199L$ for the first week. Not only has she great clothes on offer but she plays the best music anywhere in SL, enjoy your shoppping.

And last but certainly not least I want to mention Naidiya from Bad Girl, new designer but she jumped straight on and came out with the first (to my knowledge) set of cute underwear made for the Bust Minimizer, that certainly is worth our attention, check it out on her MP.

Well, that was it from me for now, I hope you found something you like. A great new interview, first one with video, thanks to our friend Bobby Imari is coming up soon and I am still waiting from 272 designers and creators so I can complete their listings, business as usual. 🙂 Have a great time and love what you do.

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