Fizz launches the first Tonic Designers’ Contest!

Fancy trying your hand at creating some beautiful clothes for your favourite mesh body? Now’s your chance! Fizz has just announced a great new design contest, and it’s open to anyone.

If you want to enter the contest, Fizz will provide you with a ready-to-wear piece of clothing she’s made specially. This cute babydoll, which I somehow persuaded Anna to model for you, is copy and mod (but not transfer), so you’re free to experiment with it as much as you like.

For the actual contest you’ll need to create at least eight colours or fabrics for the design, then submit a single version of the texture to Fizz. She’ll display all the entries in her Designer Showcase room, where the Tonic group will be able to vote on them. Voting will take place from 18-24 March.

You don’t need a reputation to be in with a fair chance here; all voting will be blind. The name of the winner will only be revealed at the end of the voting period.

Now, what’s in it for you if you win? This is the really good bit! Fizz is offering some amazing prizes for the winner:

  • Full-perm versions of your design that you can sell in your own store.
  • The option to have your design sold in the Tonic store.
  • A cash prize of L$5,000.

The runners-up won’t miss out, either. Even if you don’t win, you’ll receive full-perm versions of your design.

Some technical stuff: Fizz will supply the UVmaps you need to create your design, as well as an ambient bake to help with shading and a sample texture she made herself.

Want to have a shot? You can get all you need on the second floor of the Tonic store, in the group gifts room. There’s a L$100 fee to enter, which you pay when you pick up the babydoll.

Happy designing, and good luck!

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