AmAzINg CrEaTiOnS by Kalliopi

As always it is difficult for me to find a good start, but today it’s for a very different reason.

Should I start with Kalliopi’s enthusiasm? With the versatility and endless options of her creations? With her fun shop with heaps of games, gifts and shopping choices? With her discounted Bazaar or her Full Perm shop?

Well, how about we just start with her shop? If you, like me, enjoy the experience of real shopping InWorld, you will very probably like her shop a lot: Plenty of choices, including cute and sexy dresses, jeans with great textures, intriguing lingerie, pretty shoes and cute tops. You will not only find the usual group gifts but also fun games, including one with a daily cash jackpot. Good luck.

Now, talking about the clothes you will find at the AmAzINg CrEaTiOnS shop is the fun bit: You will love the level of customisation and personalisation you get with each and every item: From changing colors – most have the ‘endless tinting’ option – and choice of textiles, up to your personal preference of transparency. Some clothes even include all three. What what else could we possibly wish for if we enjoy giving our outfits a personal touch?

But also very important for us is the quality: does it feel right? Does it sit tight where it is supposed to sit tight? Will there be any ‘holes’ opening up when dancing wild or even just walking?

The answer in this case is easy: Nope, no, non, nein

As you can see I took her clothes through some rough testing, but no matter what I threw at them there was just nothing I could possibly complain about.

If you want to be extra picky there is the little hole we sometimes see at the right upper arm/shoulder that you can alpha out with one click in the Tonic HUD.

The Tonic Blog: Hello Kalliopi, and thank you very much for coming to talk to us. I have to say I was very much looking forward to talking to you. You seem to be a very motivated, and very enthusiastic, designer!

Kalliopi: Hello, and its an honor to be a part of your team! You are doing amazing work! Yes I am. I adore creating so much! I spend all my hours in SL on creating and helping whenever i can.  I want my group members and customers to like what they pay for and to feel that their money is well spent. In addition, those that do not have money to buy things should be able to have an amazing time in SL too. That’s why i give so many gifts; it gives me so much happiness to do it!

The Tonic Blog: All your designs come with endless possibilities to change, adjust and personalise them. You like to see your customers taking time and making your designs to fit them a 100% as they want?

Kalliopi: Yes! I want them to be able to find something they could not find before, and at a very good price! Each of us love specific colors – and sometimes there are color-themed parties – so that’s why I try to always give my color HUD in all my fashion products. I adore being able to personalize my clothes and to have many choices without spending too much money (that’s why I try to give many fabrics in a fabric HUD) in real life and in here, and it makes me so happy when i can do that. So i want to believe that I am giving that happiness to those that buy my work! We do get bored wearing the same old same clothes, ahahahah, so its important to be able to afford new ones, or be able to mix what we have and create new outfits with what we already own!

The Tonic Blog: Your shop is a paradise for everyone who loves shopping; you have a great choice of gifts for your guests, games and raffles. Looks like you enjoy having your customers around in your shop?

Kalliopi: Thanks for your kind words about my shop! I adore making people smile! We all have a hard real life and SL should be a place to relax, let go of real life worries and have fun. That’s why I try to give to as many as i can a smile by giving them gifts, and to seven of my group members a prize of L$100 every week! 

When I make something new I open the group chat of my group and make up games to give my new fashion item to some of my group members free; I love it so much! They get to test it and let me know if they like it, and they feel so good when they get to win something!

I ask their opinion all the time. When i want to change something in the shop, or make a game for them to win stuff, or if I get many complains about something.

My group members and customers matter to me; i want them to feel they are important, and so are their needs. Because at the end of the day they are the ones that buy my designs, and help me earn the money i invest on making new fashion products!  

The Tonic Blog: Over 3,000 items in just your main shop shows you really are a busy bee. What is it you enjoy most about your work?

Kalliopi: Yes, I spend 8-12 hours per day in SL working. When I am creating I feel alive and so happy! I want to have many different choices in my shop, so many different kinds of people can find what they are looking for. My mind creates ideas all the time, haahhaahahah, and I need to try to make them real hahaahahhah. Clothes are my favorite kind of creativity, its an expression of who we are  when we dress up. I do make clothes I will never wear, but i know people love wearing them in SL ahahahahha.

Spending my free time on creating makes me so so happy, yes it does!!  

The Tonic Blog: You obviously spend a lot of time working, but if you do have some time to spare where in SL do you like to go and what do you enjoy doing?

Kalliopi: Before I had my shop I was a helper and I was making some crazy themed parties! I adore exploring in SL and dancing. But, as I am answering your question on this, my soul is saying managing an event or doing something creative – fun & helpful for others!!! haahahahah. So my time for having fun is over haahahahah. I am in another mood the past two years haahahahha.

The Tonic Blog: One thing that really cought my eye is that you are very active in supporting a charity for children in need; would you like to tell us about it, please?

Kalliopi: Thank you so much for asking me about it.

In general I do stay active in supporting charities in SL when i can afford to pay their fee.

The charity you ask me is about my country. Many years ago, in a game like this, I met the creator of this charity; we became friends in real life, and i have seen what they do. They try to help poor kids to have food and all that the school asks them to have so they can go to school. They give their own money – working money – to help as many families with kids as possible. In all my products’ boxes I add their info, and if anyone wants to help them out they can give the price of a coffee; its that simple.

I wish I could be crazy rich to help all the kids in need, because if you show them love and support and that people care and help out they will grow to be happy kind personalities, and they will do it to others too. Too many of us never help others; we stay in our home worrying about problems that will never come, and we never look to the person next to us. If all of us had parents that took us to help others free we will learn how to do so naturally, without any effort.

So let’s open our eyes and go help people who need help, or animals, and be less mad for the hard times we are living. When we help, our soul becomes so happy! It helps us more that the help we offer!

The Tonic Blog: And of course I do have to ask: What are your plans for the future? What is in the pipeline? What can we all be excited about in the future from Amazing Creations?

Kalliopi: I have invested in many new full perm fashion mesh clothes, so i will have more choices to offer – and especially for men! Many free group gifts too, of course!

And I want to start making tattoos and learn how to make my own full perm clothes!

It’s always fun and interesting to meet and talk to nice and creative people, but Kalliopi’s enthusiasm is contagious and she is a real pleasure to be with.

We at hope you enjoyed reading, and of course visiting her shop.

2 thoughts on “AmAzINg CrEaTiOnS by Kalliopi

  • 9. February 2019 at 10:07

    It makes me happy to see that Kalliopi gets the chance to talk about her great work and all this wonderfull gifts she does for her customers. its been time to say thank you to her for all she does for anyone. i love her creations and i wished i would be a such great creator than she is.
    She is a sweet caring persons loves to help anywhere and she doesnt get a lot back if at all. We all should be thankfull for creators that think about what we could like to wear what colors we could like and so on, but we also not just should take we should at least say thank you and tell her how much we like what she is doing. it costs nothing to say thank you and it makes people happy to get told they are doing great.
    Kalliopi also is right with saying that giving can make us realy happy inside even when its a small amount we give or just spend sometime for someone that needs company to listen or just be there.
    I hope Kalliopi will be part of this comunity for a very long time and she wont stop creating.

    • 10. February 2019 at 12:41

      I am moved by your comment, thank you so so so much!!! <3


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