Mad by Eve

Ha, today is a good day – a great day, even; I am going to write about a shop that I really like, that sells stuff that makes me and my friends laugh.

I am talking about Mad’, the shop from Eve Kazan. A collection of fun, cute, interesting stuff, coupled with a bit of kinky choices.

This is actually the first post and interview with a shop not directly linked to our Tonic bodies even her stuff works great with the Omega appliers.

But I think it is very much worth it to just showcase and introduce from time to time some shops, places, clubs etc. that are very much worth having a look at.

And Eve Kazans Mad’ shop is certainly up there.

From impressive and beautiful and realistic face (and body) tattoos as shown above, gestures, accessories to probably the largest and funniest collection of pasties, she really offers a incredible and very creative choice of fun stuff.

The Tonic Blog: Hello Eve, and welcome to our new studio, I am very happy to have you here and get to ask you some questions about your work, so thank you for coming. I know you have been in SL for over twelve years; did you start creating right away, or did this happen later?

Eve: Hello Anna. Thank you very much for having me in your brand new studio! I am also very happy to be with you. Yes, already twelve years old; I have the impression that it was yesterday, and yet there were many adventures. It took me three years to start creating; that was in 2010. I watched others do a lot, which is my way of learning, and one day I started with funny gestures. Then Linden Labs added the tattoo option, with the possibility of applying textures to the face. That’s how I started making lipsticks and makeup.

The Tonic Blog: Looking especially at the face and tribal tattoos that you create, may it be Mayan, Papuan etc., you seem to bring interesting cultures to SL. is this something important to you?

Eve: I am passionate about all the cultural and ethnic diversity of the world. I have always been fascinated by the wearing of masks in religious or sacred rites – I own several African and Indonesian masks in RL. And the symbolic significance of the mask is an important issue in my life. The make-up and the significant dimension of the avatar are for me also a form of mask. So my work in SL is to bring culture and diversity to the characters that users can create.

The Tonic Blog: Something else I like are your sometimes very unusual nail and lipstick designs. How do you come up with those designs? Do you have a ‘secret’ source of inspiration?

Eve: I think that, like any designer, I rely on a lot of research. I get inspired by everything, whether it is in real fashion or a TV series. I try to make books of ideas. I have a huge list of projects, with links and images that I keep. Sometimes it is my clients who ask me for particular things. I don’t usually make personalized products but sometimes, when I have time and if the product matches my moods, I can do it.

The Tonic Blog: With about 700 items in your MP you certainly have not been lazy, but what does the future holds? Are there any products/creations that are still on your ‘To-Do’ list, anything you want to try for the first time?

Eve: My to-do list is very long. I would love to be able to create ethnic jewellery, pasties and mesh objects. The problem is that as soon as I see the blender software, I faint. So I have to work with designers to realize my mesh projects. It’s more complicated. I think that in any activity, one person cannot do everything. If she can, she will do it slowly or not so well. So I need a team to produce what I can’t do.

The Tonic Blog: And of course we all would like to hear how such a fun and creative person as you spends her time in SL when not creating, do you still enjoy exploring, chilling with friends, dancing in clubs? Or how and where do you enjoy your free time in SL?

Eve: When I’m not creating, I post illustrated fashion articles for my blog . I really like virtual photography and exploring new sims. I also like live concerts, and club mixes. But creating on SL is a pleasure, it’s a game above all. So sometimes when I’m in a club or at a concert I listen to the music, and at the same time I’m on Photoshop. I never stop. lol

Chatting with Eve about her work in our new studio by Luna Fatale

As you can see Eve is very much a creative person, her shop is lovely to just spend some time and I usually find something fun.

And I hope so will you..

And if you want to see more of Eves creativity go and check out her Flickr and Instagram, we think it is amazing and are very happy and proud to have her as our guest .

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