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Another blog? Another group to join? What is so different about TheTonicBlog.com and why do they think they need to do this?

Well, it all started with a spreadsheet – a list of shops selling clothes for our Tonic Body. From the feedback I received it became clear that many Tonic users wished for an easy, full and fun source of information and resources: “Where do I find some cute yoga pants?” or “Is there a shop selling clothes for a wild punk girl like me?”

And for all the designers/creators/shop and brand owners it was no different; “I made this awesome new piece, but how do I get potential buyers to find it?”

Within SL “events” have became kind of a trend – temporary shows where creators and designers have a opportunity to showcase their products, and users to come and maybe discover a new shop.

And I don’t really like those events. I only get a very limited first impression, and I am not able to really browse the full spectrum of a shop without having to visit each one of them. And finally, it only works because of discounts, special offers and gifts.

Now, I am certainly not opposed to a good deal – I mean who is? – but it still has to be fair. Designers and creators put a lot of work, hours and creativity into their new products and should be compensated fairly, because if they’re not, they might just decide they’ve had enough and stop creating. Here at TheTonicBlog.com we want to bring everyone together: The creators, the designers, the shop and brand owners and, of course, us Tonic Body users.

Our main spotlight is not on single pieces of clothing, but on brands and shops. We want to provide a platform where designers and creators can introduce themselves, and Tonic Users are actually able to find them, see their products, check out their social media and have all the relevant info and links at hand.

How can you help and support us?

As a designer/creator: Despite you being very busy creating and designing beautiful new stuff for us deep in your cave, and not having seen any sunlight for weeks, please take a few minutes and tell us about you. Send us your info, your links, your photos. We Tonic users really want to know about you, your shop and your creations; give us a chance.

Here is what I need to create a complete listing for you:

  • Your logo, 512×512 pixels maximum.
  • Up to ten photos of your creations/designs, again max 512×512 pixels.
  • A short description of your shop, brand or collection.
  • Your search tags: These are the most important!!! If you sell a bikini, but “bikini” is not one of your search tags, we will not find you. If you sell a Vintage Boho Mini skirt, the tags should be: vintage, boho, mini, skirt, classy, elegant etc. Yes, it takes a bit of time, but we potential buyers will be able to find you and shop at your store.

As a Tonic user: Give our search a try, please. We are still in the early stages of this project, we still have heaps to do, but every day there are more and more shops added and more information is available. Let us know if you find a wrong or broken link; tell us if you know a shop we haven’t listed yet. Send us your ideas, suggestions and criticism.

And for all, everybody and everyone:

  • Help us with a link, a share. Post a link on your social media, share our URL with your friends, add our little office with a link to your picks.
  • Drop us your suggestion. There is a suggestion box in our office, or just send a notecard personally to me or Erwin. Let us know if you find a bug, tell us if there is a shop we have not listed yet, or suggest a shop, a brand or designer who deserves a feature spot.
  • Comment! Comment on our posts please; it really is nice and very valuable to get feedback, good or bad – but please stay nice 🙂 We do appreciate a few nice words, probably much more then you imagine.
  • Like us on facebook and follow us (and fave our pics!) on Flickr.
  • Consider a donation if you can. We still want to get a so-called Premium Theme to make our site more pleasant to look at, and we also want to implement a Ratings module so we will all be able to review and rate the shops; again that is something I need to purchase. If you can help us out with a few lindens there’s a donation box in our office.

Thank you for reading, and let’s make this a fun and helpful project for everyone.



5 thoughts on “Our Project

  • 4. February 2019 at 8:49

    You have accomplished so much in such a short time, this is great.

    • 6. February 2019 at 12:02

      Thank you so much, Evelynn, we certainly appreciate your lovely, nice words.

  • 24. February 2019 at 9:52


    I love it. You are doing a fantastic job!


    • 8. March 2019 at 10:36

      Thank you so much, Rilla, we are both really glad you like our project. Happy shopping 🙂

  • 15. March 2019 at 23:41

    For my opinion Tonic isn’t only an upcoming trend, especially the body is a serious brand, able to compete with the others on the market.
    Thank you for making it possible for us Tonic Users to have some sort of a help that guides us where to find all the new shops and newest news.
    You have one Tonic addict more in me.
    Tonic deserves that.
    A long time convinced Tonic customer.


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