Graffitiwear by Chalice Piers

Finally another interview. Pfff. After setting up our Facebook page and Flickr profile, I was at last able to meet with Chalice Piers from Graffitiwear.

Hair: #foxy – Romee, Blouse: Graffitiwear – Satin Blouse, Skirt: Tonic – Rhapsody Boho Skirt, Sneakers: KC Couture – Phoenix Sneakers

Usually I feel a kind of melange of excitement, nervousness and naked fear before an interview, but I knew that talking with Chalice about her creations would be a walk in the park – and that is just how it turned out.

Not only is she a very friendly, helpful and supportive person, but she is also always keen to talk to anyone interested in her creations. And that I surely am.

Her InWorld shop is a place where it is fun to be, where a shopper can spend time and look around; it has neither the feeling of a way-too-large warehouse nor the tight claustrophobic feeling you get when a shop is just too tiny. Just the right size to make you feel homely, safe and welcome.

The Tonic Blog: Hello Chalice, and thank you very much for taking some time out of your busy schedule for talking to such a young and new blog as us, we certainly appreciate it a lot. You obviously have been around SL much longer, so when did you start creating clothes in SL and what made you interested in doing it?

Chalice: I joined SL in 2009, when I heard about the great art community here. I’m both a writer and an artist in RL, and I started out writing articles for an SL magazine, but was interested in fashion design, too. A friend encouraged me to give it a try, so I made a few things just for fun and gave them away to friends. This was in the olden days of system clothing, which meant creating textures that looked “painted” on. Loads of fun, and I loved it. I quickly became addicted, and opened Graffitiwear in May 2010.

Designing clothing in SL goes well with my RL occupation as a graphic designer. I’m an art school graduate with a degree in visual communication, and I’ve been using Photoshop ever since college. I work at home for my RL job, and I make my own hours, which allows me ample time to make clothing to sell in my store.

The Tonic Blog: Who would you say is your main target group? Who should definitely come and have a look at your designs?

Chalice: I’m a die-hard fan of Tonic, and all my customers know they’ll never be disappointed when shopping at Graffitiwear for Tonic clothing. I wear, and design for, other bodies as well; however, Tonic is near and dear to my heart. Fizz, the body’s creator, has been a dear friend of mine for several years and I was privileged to test the Tonic Curvy Beauty body before it was released into the wild. I have loved it from the start.

I think my style of clothing would appeal to anyone with a casual lifestyle who likes to ride the edge between classy and comfortable. I spend a lot of time creating unique textures that stand out from the pack. I lean toward a sexy style without getting slutty, so those who enjoy showing some skin now and then will enjoy shopping at Graffitiwear.

The Tonic Blog: Everything you create makes me want to try and mix; it is something about your creations that I admire so much. Is that something in your mind when creating clothes? That your customers start getting creative too, and try to mix and match?

Chalice: You are absolutely right, Anna. I do try to create things that encourage my customers to experiment with creating a look that is truly their own. I like making separates and mix and match sets that offer a lot of options.

The Tonic Blog: All your clothes are fun, great quality, but yet very much affordable. What’s your idea about pricing your designs?

Chalice: Pricing is touchy, but I attempt to keep my creations affordable and one way I do that is by adding as much value as I can to everything I make. Therefore, most of my clothing comes with a texture HUD so that it’s like getting ten or more outfits for one low price. I also have a couple of weekly sales, and there is a Midnight Mania board, Lucky Letter board, and an Unlucky Dip on the second floor of my store. I give my group members monthly gifts that are brand new creations, and the cost to join the Graffitiwear group is only L$25.

The Tonic Blog: Something else I love about your clothing are the colors; they are fresh, they are fun, they are positive. I assume that is your intention when choosing the colors?

Chalice: Yes it is, Anna. I’m cheerful by nature, so I want to keep things fun. People vary in their color tastes, so I normally offer both a light and dark color palette with every design. I carefully choose the printed fabrics I use, which I hope will appeal to a broad audience. We are all in SL to have fun, and I think the clothing we wear should reflect that.

The Tonic Blog: Other than designing clothes what else you like in SL and how did you come to SL?

Chalice: The first part of this question I already answered, but there are a lot of things I like about SL. I have met wonderful people here from all over the world, many of whom have become good friends. I’m a social person who loves going out with friends, dancing, going to parties, and of course shopping. My partner is an amazing man whom I never would have met if not for SL. He is a designer, too.

The Tonic Blog: Last question, and of course I have to ask this; what can we look forward to? What is in the pipeline? And do you promise to let us here at know about so we can announce it?

Chalice: I try to keep on top of RL fashion trends, and attempt to create trends of my own now and then. Point is, I like to be different. I like creating new exclusives for the events I’m in, and you will be seeing Graffitiwear in more of those. More collaborative work is on the horizon, and I will continue exploring new ways to use animated textures in my designs.

Thank you, Anna, for interviewing me for TheTonicBlog! I look forward to reading your articles in the future. <3

There are really two aspects that make Graffitiwear stand out for me:

  • The versatility of her creations. I love to mix and match (well, more often than not ‘not match’), and Chalice’s creations always make me want to experiment to see what other pieces of clothing I could wear them with.
  • Her colors – her lovely, positive, screaming Yes! to a fun life colors. They are bright and pretty, different to most others and a lot of fun.

Although she has just under 2,000 items of apparel in her MP, and has been creating clothes in SL since 2010, Chalice still has the love and the passion for new creations – and that shows, all while still charging very reasonable prices.

All in all, a great shop by a fantastic person; we at highly recommend a visit at her store, and we wish Chalice all the best – and hope she will continue for a long time to help us Tonics look more pretty.

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