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Wow, my first interview for my blog; how exciting and scary! But, to make it a bit less scary, I decided to start my interview and brand introduction series with a good friend, Kieli Foxtrot from Kieli.

Discovering the Kieli shop happened rather early in my SL life, but at a very good moment. I was running around looking for cute, nice clothes for us younger people, but everything I found that wasn’t knitted or beige was just outright slutty. And, despite me working as a dancer in a club with a questionable reputation, that was not what I was looking for.

I was after some cute designs – yes, a little sexy and flirty and tempting, but not crossing the line. And that was a difficult task.  Embarrassing as it is to admit, I really can’t remember how I found the Kieli shop – but I did, and what a catch it proved to be: Loads of stuff I absolutely, 100 % wanted and needed immediately. I still remember having bought the Kieli Spring top first; it came even in two versions, with one having a nice but not too obvious sheer effect. The Shorty Shorts came next. It’s funny to see my review on MP again after all the time.

Cute short skirts, but not too short. Tops that looked pretty and fun, but kept my boobies covered. Even underwear with cute designs that did not scream ‘slut’. I had found SL clothing heaven.

Not only did I love the designs and the way her clothes looked on me, I also love her prices; they’re very reasonable and affordable.

Of course I had to tell Kieli how I felt about her work, and she was a sweetheart from the first time we talked. She took time to explain stuff to me, helped me to choose, and was always a pleasure to deal with from a customer point of view. Luckily for me (and hopefully not too unluckily for her) we became good and close friends over time, with me being still  a very loyal and happy customer.

Of course, I’m also the pest that turned up looking for the interview I promised you, and Kieli was kind enough to agree. So here it is!

The Tonic Blog: When did you start designing clothes in Second Life, and what made you interested in doing it?

Kieli: I opened my first small shop in 2010, with only a handful of items, on a role play sim designed for young petite adult girls. The way Second Life clothes are made has gone through many phases as the technology and capability grows, so do you have to up your skills if you want to offer up-to-date designs. I find it a very fulfilling and enjoyable creative outlet.

The Tonic Blog: Who would you say is your main target group? Who should definitely come and have a look at your designs?

Kieli: I have a wonderful core customer group that I adore and appreciate. Typically young adult and teens girls with slim, petite or fit athletic bodies, who have fun flirty attitudes. I try to offer things with a mix of cute and sexy.

The Tonic Blog: Nearly everything you design, you release for Tonic, why is that?

Kieli: I love everything about the Tonic body, and I know the girls that wear it are 100% committed to it, so I try my best to offer everything new with a Tonic fitmesh option. It is fun to hear the response I receive from Tonic Girl customers.

The Tonic Blog: All your clothes are fun, great quality but yet very much affordable. What’s your idea about pricing your designs?

Kieli: I know that there are many wonderful clothing shops out there for girls and young women to spend their shopping money with. So I do try my best to offer the highest quality, with fun designs at a price that allows them to add several things to their closet. I track which of my items are the most popular and will often pull items from the shelf that do no sell, since I want focus on quality not quantity.

The Tonic Blog: You do sell shapes as well; how do you think your shapes go together with the Tonic bodies?

Kieli: The Kieli Hottie shape works well with the Tonic Fine and Curvy bodies. The shape is MOD, of course, so girls can create their own unique look from a slim and waif-like body to a more fit and athletic body.  I include a shape version for both Catwa and LAQ heads, which is a good start to an adorable look.

The Tonic Blog: Other than designing clothes, what else do you like in SL and how did you come to be in SL?

Kieli: I think, without a doubt, the connections you make with people and the friendships that develop. I have so many friends from around the world that I would have never had the opportunity to know without the help of Second Life.

The Tonic Blog: Last question, and of course I have to ask this; what can we look forward to? What is in the pipeline? And do you promise to let us here at know about it so we can announce it?

Kieli: Right now my store is definitely in a transition. Over the next several weeks I will be moving into a new building with all-new product presentation, and rolling out many new and exciting items. I’m working on seven new sexy dresses, some new shorts and jeans, and several new skirts and top – all with a fitmesh option for the TONIC bodies.

Kieli always keeps her own, personal style, while always making sure her designs fit very well, don’t increase boob size or make bums look too large – problems I faced with many shorts and shirts from other brands. While I am not really a dress kinda girl I do like her dresses, and it is usually one of Kieli’s designs I wear if I run into a situation where wearing a dress is appropriate.

To commemorate our friendship and the launch of my blog, Kieli surprised me by dedicating a new skirt to me – the Anna skirt, fitting enough.

It is only available in store and is on sale for a very special price, giving all my readers another reason to follow and read my posts. Thank you Kieli for the wonderful work you do, for our friendship, and for taking some time out of your busy schedule to visit me in our new office for this interview.

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